Our promise

We don't claim to be wedding planners, but due to the many weddings and events we've hosted, we've had lots of experience and have accumulated lots of contacts. We also speak excellent Spanish, that's a big help too! 

What we can promise you is a beautiful, unique, private destination, exclusively yours on your wedding day.

We are happy to work with you or your wedding planner to bring eveything together for your perfect day. 

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Honeymoon Suite

"... you look a million dollars!”

You can prepare for the ceremony in your private honeymoon suite. With help from your bridesmaids, hairdressers, makeup and nails professionals all on hand to make sure you look your best.


Adjoining apartment

"... boys will be boys.”

Getting to the ceremony on time used to be a problem.  When you stay with us, everyone is closeby and ready to go!


Onsite accommodation

"... make my day.”

Family and friends are an important part of the day. We have room on site for your close ones to stay over for a couple of days. Some families make a week of it!

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